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About Us

Jennifer Aitken is the founder of Elements of Speech. She started the company in January of 2020 as a side hustle, after years of work in the corporate world and as an elementary teacher. Jennifer has always been a wordsmith, tackling various writing duties for her business roles and assisting friends and family with personal and professional projects. With a witty tone and sharp eye for detail, she aims to help others communicate their ideas with clarity and precision.


Since founding Elements of Speech, Jennifer has created a resume that is unique and dynamic. She combines her creative writing skills with business administration to help clients streamline their businesses, engage customers better on social media platforms, and produce high-quality content for websites in various industries.

What We Do

We know that you're busy running your business, so let us take care of the copywriting for you. From website content to social media posts to email marketing and forms, we can help you promote your brand with error-free and insightful messaging while still aligning with your unique style and tone. Let us handle the time-consuming process of editing, proofreading, or writing original copy - so you can get back to doing what makes your brand great!

We pride ourselves in working with other small businesses to promote each other and our communities. Check out other ways we show support on our Giving Back Page.


Podcast Appearance

Do you love to learn about how people are inspired to start their own businesses? Check out this episode of The Eclectic Universe Podcast with featured guest Jennifer Aitken, the founder of Elements of Speech.