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What We Can Do For You

Elements of Speech provides reliable and high-quality copywriting and marketing services to businesses and entrepreneurs, so they can focus their time and efforts on the tasks that truly matter. We strive to create captivating, engaging, and error-free content that reflects your brand message, tone, and style with precision. We are passionate about delivering timely and impactful copywriting and design services to help each company, or professional, reach its target audiences effectively.

Our team of experienced copywriters is committed to researching each project deeply in order to understand the needs and goals before crafting compelling, insightful messages. We believe in helping businesses of all sizes create an online presence through meaningful wordings tailored from scratch.

We pride ourselves in working with other small businesses to promote each other and our communities. Check out other ways we show support on our Giving Back Page.

A Snipet About Us

Elements of Speech is a content creation and marketing company founded in 2020. With years of experience in the corporate world and as an elementary teacher, our founder Jennifer Aitken developed a sharp eye for detail and a witty tone that helps clients communicate their ideas with clarity and precision.


From resumes to social media posts to website content, Elements of Speech can help your business streamline its communication, engage customers better, and produce high-quality content. 

Podcast Appearance

Do you love to learn about how people are inspired to start their own businesses? Check out this episode of The Eclectic Universe Podcast with featured guest Jennifer Aitken, the founder of Elements of Speech.

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